About WYK

WYK Associates, Inc. is an architectural and planning firm, established in 1973, with its roots dating back to the early 20th century. Then and now, the company provides excellent service to its clientele – finding the critical aspects of each project and turning those into opportunity: the creation of a place that fits the needs of the user, and the budget of the owner, with aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscience building solutions.

Seamless collaboration between the architectural lead, project management and the proven network of contractors warrant a maximum of quality within schedule and budget. Sustainability, quality of life and built environment are as important to us as responsible design and efficiency in planning and execution.

The history of WYK Associates, Inc. is closely connected to the City of Clarksburg and to Harrison County, as the current and previous owners made sure that their success always contributed to their city and their county. James B. Swiger, the President and Principal-in-Charge, has a seat on the Board of Directors in the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce, the “Clarksburg Uptown” Revitalization Group and the United Way of Harrison County, Inc.  James was also the 2015 Campaign Chair for Harrison County’s United Way and raised over $800,000 for the 2015 Campaign.