Parish Center

At WYK Associates, Inc., we use decades of knowledge in architectural design and our experience in projects, scaling from a few thousand to multi-million USD, to chart a path from vision to reality. Our clients’ requirements for quality, service and value are the driving force behind each decision. Communication and teamwork guide each project to completion. Our focus on expert staff, with professional degrees in architecture from NAAB accredited Universities, creates product value for you and a market advantage for us that translates into better buildings, expansions and renovations. [read more]



Shinnston Community Center

We provide thorough planning in all areas of each project to fit the individual requirements for a positive impact on both the natural and built environments. Energy conservation, a low level of maintenance, high standards of durability and product safety are very important concerns.  [read more]


3D Printing

3D Printing

WYK Associates, Inc. welcomed the year 2014 by taking a leap of progress in architectural design. By acquiring a color 3D printer, we put ourselves on the map as an industry leader in the region.

3D printing technology is just now becoming available. A color 3D printer creates a physical, three-dimensional gypsum-based model of any project from a digital prototype in nearly three million colors, allowing for exact detailing in every model. [read more]