Braxton County Courthouse Addition

braxton county courthouse 2

According to county records Felix J. Baxter, a local resident, created the original Braxton Courthouse design, which was completed by Contractors Wood and Atchinson in 1882.

Our project began as an evaluation of alternatives for ADA compliance and handicapped accessibility both to and within the Courthouse.  It evolved into a three story addition to the office wing, which provides a ramp for access to the three primary building levels, and a wheelchair lift to provide access to the Courtroom.  Also included are accessible restrooms, a County Commission Meeting Room and expanded office space for the County Commission and the Assessor.  The entire building received a new roof, new windows, a fire protection system and structural repairs  to the original bell tower.  Courthouse activities continued throughout construction.

Some of the stone elements from the original Courthouse entry are incorporated in the new access point.  The Addition’s materials and massing match the original building to maintain the historic fabric of the Courthouse and complete its gracious Courthouse Square.