Glenville First Baptist Church

glenville church

Needing to accommodate the elevation different between the street and main level of this structure and the growing population of the church, the Glenville First Baptist Church hired WYK for a design solution.  This addition created a “sense of entry” to the building at street level as well as the main level of the sanctuary.  An ADA accessible elevator was also added to improve the ease of vertical circulation for this structure.

Other Design Features included, upgrading interior finishes, a much needed new roof on the entire structure which also assisted in making the addition seamless with the existing building.  Expansive Glazing was used at the first and second floor entrances to allow plenty of natural light to penetrate deep into the interior.  Acoustical Ceilings were installed in the lobby to minimize sound reverberation and transmission from the entry hall to the sanctuary.  This project was completed on time and under budget.  Although this design has a more modern feel than the original architecture, it blends nicely with the structure as a whole, accentuating the entrances and becoming a focal point of the corner lot on which the building is situated.