Laurel Lanes Police Substation

The project scope was to renovate and revitalize the interior of an existing apartment building at Laurel Lanes into a more functional police substation. The City of Clarksburg and the Clarksburg-Harrison County Housing Authority’s goal was to increase police patrols in the area and to provide a police presence and space for police to work from.
The entire interior of the two-story apartment was renovated into a police substation with a conference room and break room on the ground floor with three offices, a toilet room and mechanical room on the second floor. The existing ground floor was removed and replaced with a new slab-on-grade concrete system.
Each room was outfitted with new casework, walls, ceiling and floor finishes, new HVAC system, new plumbing and fixtures, and new electrical wiring and fixtures. These new additions complementary to the layout and functions of the space and provides a great atmosphere for police officers to get their work done.