Preston County Courthouse Renovation

Preston Co Courthouse 2

Preston Co Courthouse

The Preston County Courthouse is located in Kingwood’s Historic District-National Register.  The Preston County Commission hired WYK Associates, Inc. to restore the exterior sandstone facade of this Pre-World War II structure.  WYK did extensive research and found the original stone quarry where the original stone was supplied from.  It was quarried in Ohio.  Given the nature of sandstone, which is very soft and porous, much of the stones around the top had deteriorated due to the failed stone parapet allowing water penetration into the stone.

WYK was involved with this project from beginning to final completion and beyond.  All of the parapet stones were replaced as well as two-thirds of the upper stone facade with new stone from the original quarry.  The new stone was a very close match to the original.  The parapet stones were set with stainless steel pins over a waterproof flashing system.  The head joints of the parapet were caulked in lieu of mortar to ensure it’s performance through the expansion and contraction of the extreme weather conditions prevalent in Preston County.

The building once cleaned and repainted was coated with a breathable water repellent coating which allows moisture to escape the stone but prevents it from entering, thus reducing the freeze/thaw cycle which is very detrimental to stone, especially sandstone.