Upshur County Courthouse Roof and Chimney Project

Designed by Architect Harrison Albright,
the Upshur County Courthouse was built
sometime between 1899 and 1910. The
scope of work included metal roof shingle
and flashing replacement around the
dome and the restoration of two brick
chimneys on the rear of the building. After
a structural inspection was performed,
however, minor repairs to the steel
structure were added.
The existing metal shingles, especially
around the dome, were in poor condition
showing various stages of corrosion. New
metal shingles were chosen to match the
style, shape, and color of the existing
shingles. All roof planes intersecting the
dome received new metal shingles and
flashing over an ice and water shield
underlayment. The existing shingles
on the non-intersecting planes of the
roof were cleaned and coated with a
fibered aluminum roof coating to match.
Permanent roof anchors with added
reinforced structure were added to the
center ridge of the front gable and main
The existing brick chimneys had been
rebuilt throughout the years and showed
signs of significant deterioration. Due
to their poor condition, the chimneys
were rebuilt from the roof up. Brick and
mortar were chosen to match the rough,
hand-formed brick on the back wall of the
courthouse. The chimneys were rebuilt
to match the width and height of the
existing chimneys. Limestone coping and
stainless steel metal caps were used to
top off the chimneys allowing them to vent
while keeping animals and rain out.