West Virginia Army National Guard Fixed Wing Training Site

With sponsorship from Senator Robert C. Byrd, the West Virginia National Guard established the state of the art personnel training facility totaling $6.4 million in construction costs in 1996.  Here students and instructor pilots from the fifty states and Guam train and certify on three different types of transport aircraft.

A wide hangar and an innovative hangar door system allow quick access to any one of five airplanes without disturbing other aircraft.  Each aircraft has a dedicated manufacturer’s support and maintenance team with their own work space.  The two story masonry annex accommodates administration staff, instructor pilots, and instruction/simulator rooms.

The hangar proper is a steel frame structure with a clear span of the entire 210 foot hangar width.  A pre-finished insulated metal wall system with translucent thermal panels provides glare-free natural light with little or no maintenance.  This was a part of the project’s energy cost containment plan.