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WYK Associates, Inc.

Established in 1973, with roots dating back to the early 1900s, WYK Associates recognizes that history inspires the future, and that exceptional architectural design has the power to improve lives and enhance communities.

WYK employs design techniques to build and transform, while honoring the rich architectural history of our mountainous region. Committed to the restoration of beauty in historic centers and Appalachian towns, their proven architectural management has drastically improved the quality of life for entire communities. Preserving the past isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime mission for the company. Embracing its more than 130-year history, they are as dedicated as ever to sustainable design, efficient rehabilitation, and the creation of place.

The award winning team at WYK Associates was honored as the chosen architectural firm for the restoration project of the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center in 2018. Through historic preservation and adaptive reuse, they were successful in restoring the crown jewel of the greater Harrison County area.

President, James B. Swiger, is a proponent of community before self, and leads his team by example. James serves as president of the Clarksburg Uptown Revitalization Group, sits on the board of the Clarksburg Kiwanis Club, and is an active member of the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce. As the Campaign Chair of the 2015 United Way of Harrison County, James succeeded in raising more than $800,000 for the campaign.

You have a vision. We have the team and the experience to make it a reality.

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